Monday, December 17, 2012

end of the year meme

I figured I'd do my annual end-of-the-year meme a little early before the world ends (I tried to think of something clever to contribute to this month's accretionary wedge, but I'm stuck). I've done this each full year I've been blogging (2011, 2010, and 2009) and really, it can happen any time after I've done my first post for December.

This year was a pretty good year for output. I still lost an entire month, but I still had more posts than the last two years. Hopefully next year will continue the trend.

Same rules as before: link to and list the first sentence of the first post of every month. It may be cheating to skip the first sentence if all you're doing is apologizing for not posting, but that's what I'm doing.


I'm back from vacation and ready to look back over last year.


I have an oddball phobia about damaging my teeth, or specifically knocking them out.


I am a terrifically fast writer. 


I was staying at a big conference hotel recently, and it had the usual problems: outrageously expensive internet, no food or entertainment options within walking distance, and preposterous prices - my club sandwich for dinner was $17!


After I raved about my GPS' traffic sensing here, I have to admit that I've had a serious problem recently - the traffic sensing on my GPS has been useless for most of the last month.


When I first started out in environmental consulting, I wasn't entirely sure what the managers did, exactly.


FSP broke her blog hiatus today to discuss mentoring by blogging.


So. Explosive coworkers, a theme I have extensive experience with, especially if you extend "coworkers" to include drillers and other contractors.


No posts. Bad Short Geologist!


...a while back, I was rooting through some old literature and came across this response to a paper published in Ground Water (Correlations of permeability and grain size, R. G. Shepherd, Volume 27, No. 5, October 1989)


I was poking around the geoblogosphere, and I came across this post on field trip etiquette. 


Copy and paste are two of my favorite word processing functions.

Consider yourself tagged!

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