Tuesday, December 23, 2014

geology uncyclopedia

I'm going to be taking some time off for the holidays. But before I go, something trivial to enjoy in my absence:

Someone pointed me to the uncyclopedia entry for "geologist" a while back. It's pretty amusing, although many of the jokes are getting old at this point. Geologists love beer? Whoda thunkit?

I will admit, however, that some stereotypes have a kernel of truth. I touched on the Great Geologist-Engineer Controversy ages ago, and it still pops up pretty high in search terms that end up here. Anything that strike you as exceptionally accurate, or completely off the mark?

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Rachel said...

Ha! I love that post. I work in oil and gas, so while the specific applications/examples of the "geologists vs. engineers" paradigm are different, it's DEFINITELY still a thing. I never noticed it in grad school, but then I didn't work with many engineers. Honestly, I think I tend to think a little more like an engineer... I like Excel and I wish things could be black and white! Training as a geologist has been really good for me in that I at least now know that things AREN'T black and white, if you say they are you're just pretending, and I've become very aware of what the actual precision of values is (major pet peeve of mine is when people try to pretend a number is more precise than it could possibly be due to assumptions made, tools used, whatever).