Friday, May 15, 2009

hotel amenities 2

My previous post addressed hotel amenities that should be standard for mid-range hotels catering to professionals. In order to help cut costs, here are some things that are not needed:

1. hair dryer (if you use one, don’t you usually bring your own?)
2. 2 or more lights within 5 feet of each other
3. automatic replacement of all bedsheets/towels daily (use those little “please change” tents instead)
4. shower caps and other totally random toiletries
5. Coffee maker

Number 5 may be heresy to some, but all the coffee drinkers I know would much rather make a quick stop on the way to the jobsite and buy their poison rather than brewing the sanka or whatever it is they have in the hotel room.


tun hotels said...

nice post.. thank you.. :D

Lockwood said...

With number five, I'd say "don't bother unless you want to do it right." Sanka and other instants are foul, and so are most of the big-name ground coffees. But there are some decent ground coffees out there, and I appreciate finding one of them in the room. To your previous post, I'd add "A decent reading lamp." I don't need or want a room lit up like a sunny day, but I do want a light bright enough to read and work by without straining my eyes. Preferably two: one by a table or desk, and one by the bed. I don't know your age, but this will become much more important in your late 30's and 40's. My Mom (in her 70's) carries a high-wattage bulb with her when she travels, and switches it in and out as she arrives and departs.

EcoGeoFemme said...

I love when hotels have a hair dryer. It's a heavy, bulky item that I'd rather not pack, but I really, really like to blow dry my hair.

Maria said...

In-room coffee is essential when you've got a morning conference call with the office. Otherwise, you end up wearing pants much sooner in the day than you want.