Friday, June 24, 2011

hand model?

I use statcounter to keep track of this blog in a really half-assed way. That is, I just checked it out for the first time in about six months. And what is the most linked-to, most searched blog post?

This one, with a nasty picture of an especially miserable case of poison ivy.

Out of curiosity I did a google image search for poison ivy between fingers, and there I am, #3.

I was hoping that I would be famous for my incisive wit and brilliant commentary on Geology, the Environment, and Life. I guess I'll settle for being famous for being really, really sensitive to poison ivy.

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Anne Jefferson said...

I feel your pain. I wear long pants and long shirts in the field, despite the horrible southern heat. I shower with lots of soap as soon as I get home, and wash the clothes in hot water and lots of detergent right away.

And yet, literally every time I go out in the woods now, I end up with poison ivy spots behind one knee and on my butt....places that were most assuredly not exposed to the plant.

So you'll have my complete sympathy any time you need to blog about poison ivy. But do keep up the incisive wit and brilliant commentary on other topics too!