Monday, January 25, 2010

appointment annoyances

I’m writing this post while I wait for my car to get fixed. I always go to this particular location because it’s convenient and they treat me well. But it’s not in a very, um, nice area.

The techs are chattering about a particular customer who just called. She has an appointment later today, and she just wanted some standard maintenance. But her car got “all shot up” and now it’s going to need a lot more work. Can they still fit her in the original appointment slot?

The funny thing is, the techs don’t sound that surprised. Is this such a common occurrence? Maybe I need to find another, less exciting place to get my car looked at. But my choices are severely limited when I’m traveling all the time and working 13-hour days (when I’m actually in the same region as my car). I need to find places that are open on weekends.

Don’t ask me how long I’ve gone without a dentist appointment…

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wordfalling said...

I cannot even express how happy I was when my car passed inspection the other week. I know my front-right brake pad is shot (not in the same sense as you're talking about, just worn out) but being good mechanics they overlooked that and put a sticker on it anyway.

A trustworthy mechanic is a tough thing to find, probably tougher than the neighborhood you find them in.