Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it just walked off...

In environmental consulting, sometimes you work in dicey areas. If you do so, you’re usually hyper-aware of your equipment and keep a close eye on it. I never had anything stolen in that situation.

But if you’re working in the middle of nowhere, or you run out for a couple of minutes…that’s when you’re likely to lose something.

I’ve had various items stolen from job sites, with costs ranging from less than $10 (the odd screwdriver) to thousands of dollars (sampling/analytical equipment ain’t cheap). The worst experience, however, was when the drillers came back from lunch on a cold winter Monday to find that their duffels and suitcases stuffed with jackets, pants, spare boots, and all sorts of personal items had been taken. They were not happy.


Silver Fox said...

Reminds me of a GPS that went missing a couple years back - or maybe I lost it. Could never really tell.

Marciepooh said...

I never experienced clothing walking off a job site but at the consulting firm I used to work for we rarely stayed overnight somewhere. The equipment, on the other hand, did. One time we were leaving a bobcat and it's trailer in a commercial area - not a bad neighborhood but deserted after 6. The guys parked the bobcat in front of the trailer with the blade down on the goose neck. They were more worried about the trailer being stolen than someone hot wiring the bobcat.