Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blogroll notes

This is over a month late, but I am so sad to hear that sciencewomen is no more. This means that I now have 2 dead blogs on my blogroll (the other, of course, is this one).

I’m not removing either, because the archived posts for both are terrific. I will, however, add a new blog to each category on my blogroll.

For the geology blogroll: Magma Cum Laude. I’m not a big volcano person (cue the chorus of “how can you be a geologist and not love volcanoes!”) but I enjoy Tuff Cookie’s posts, which are invariably both scientifically interesting and well-written.

For the science/academia blogroll: Isis the Scientist. My very favorite photoshopper. However, sometimes the arguments get tiresome. I’m sort of glad I’m not popular enough to have my own trolls.

For the miscellany blogroll: The big picture is a photography blog that captures some of the best pictures being published. Right now they’re showing some terrific pictures of the Dakar rally. Question: if a race is on another continent from its namesake, is it time for a name change?I think I got this one from Lockwood a while ago.

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