Friday, January 22, 2010


Apparently the “geologists heart beer” stereotype has gotten around to wired. Link here. Note that this is an old video, but I didn't notice it on other geology blogs the last couple of months.

Why is it that geologists are famed for their love of beer?

I do have geologist friends who sort of enjoy beer but aren't beer snobs, but very few geology friends who don't like it at all. But get a bunch of geologists in a room, and they tend to go a little beer-crazy. Especially if they have access to a local microbrewery.

I admit to being a pretty big beer snob. Then again, I'm also a big fan of good tequila, fancy dark chocolate, and local cheeses. So maybe I just have expensive taste!


A Life Long Scholar said...

My expensive tastes tend towards good quality linen, wool, or silk fabrics. I'm one of those odd geologists who doesn't like chocolate and doesn't drink alcohol. I so dislike wine (and its close cousin vinegar) that I don't want to be in the same room as an open container thereof, and can't eat anything containing either. But I'm ok with a bit of beer cooked into a nice loaf of bread...

Anonymous said...

In my experience, geologists are far more partial to gin!