Thursday, January 14, 2010

structural integrity

For a fantastic geological explanation of the Haiti earthquake, see this.

It's so depressing to see horrific death tolls year after year from earthquakes. I realize that Haiti is a desperately poor country and has no construction standards. Oh, and that it's deforested and now we have to watch out for landslides.

We have a lot of top-down foreign aid. Over the past decade, low-tech engineering organizations (the big one, of course, is engineers without borders) have started to fill in the gaps by helping with basic sanitation and water projects. But we need to figure out a way to build super low-cost, sturdy housing on a large scale, especially in disaster-prone regions.

Picture 37 from the bigger picture blog here.

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Marciepooh said...

Bamboo - it's renewable (sometimes obnoxiously so), cheap, and, as building material, does well in both hurricanes and earthquakes.