Tuesday, April 17, 2012

blogroll update

I haven't done anything to update my blogroll in a while, so I figured it was time. I have a couple additions and one subtraction.

First, the subtraction. "Other people's emergencies: random thoughts of an urban paramedic" was a blog that I read religiously long before Accidental Remediation was a gleam in my eye. Unfortunately, it has been dead for years now, and unlike the other defunct blogs I'm keeping, it's not all that relevant to geologists or environmental types. A quick eulogy for the blog: this was a terrific insight into a job I had no experience in, but the writing and the stories pulled me in. I can only hope to do the same for non-geologists with this one.

I'm adding a few blogs to the geology blogroll: "watching for rocks" is focused on national parks and photos of interesting places. "Outside the interzone" is a great geology/miscellany blog from a regular commenter (and the comments are always appreciated, Lockwood!). And finally, I am a huge cat lover who is unable to have them because they kill my sweetie. So I am adding "geokittehs" to get my fix.

To round out my blogroll additions: for general science/academia, I am a huge fan of Dr. Free Ride and her discussion of ethics. And finally, I spent an entire weekend recently working through the back posts of "ask a manager", so I figured that was enough of an endorsement to add to my miscellaneous blogs.

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Silver Fox said...

Geokittehs, yay! :)