Wednesday, April 18, 2012

taking a pillow

I sleep on my stomach, so I need to sleep on a hard, flat pillow. I almost always have a problem with hotel pillows. Either they're way too high and I get a crick in my neck, or they're too squashy and I end up feeling as if I'm suffocating. What I end up doing is either sleeping on the very corner of the pillow that squashes down the most, or rummaging for a spare blanket to fold up to the correct height. Or, going without entirely.

I always meant to bring a pillow from home (hell, I mentioned this in a post ages ago), but I never thought of it until it was too late, i.e. I was getting ready for bed at the hotel.

I recently had some fieldwork that was far enough away to stay at a hotel, but close enough so I didn't have to fly. I threw my pillow in the truck at the last minute.

It was perfect. I'd been getting over a persistent cold, so I really did need my sleep. And for once, I crashed right away and slept like a log. I did make sure that I tucked the pillow away in the morning - the last thing I needed was for it to disappear when the bedding got changed.

What I really should do is buy a "field" pillow and then add it to my duffel o'field gear so I can grab and go. Has anybody else done this, or am I just weird for being picky about pillows?


A Life Long Scholar said...

I take two of the five pillows I normally sleep with me when I travel if at all possible, because hotels rarely provide more than two, and, as you say, the texture of hotel pillows is wrong. Mine are feather pillows, so they can compress into small spaces, and the ones I bring are the smallest two, so I have even been known to bring one or both with me on a plane, which makes sleeping on the flight easier.

Constantine La said...

I bring a pillow to the hotel as well. Even at high end hotels like Hilton or whatever, their pillows never felt "home" to me. I also bring an inflatable donut pillow for travel as well.