Tuesday, April 3, 2012

conference hotels

I was staying at a big conference hotel recently, and it had the usual problems: outrageously expensive internet, no food or entertainment options within walking distance, and preposterous prices - my club sandwich for dinner was $17! Yes, many of the guests here are on expense accounts, but not everyone has the free funds... or an accounting department that will cut you a check without a drawn-out fight.

So I was ready to post an angry screed about my digs, but then I found out that they had a system where they'd give you vouchers for pretty decent swag if you opt out of housekeeping. Sweet!

I don't need housekeeping every day when I'm in a hotel. I'm not particularly messy, and I like to spread out my stuff so I can find my clothing easily in the morning (I'm afraid of leaving stuff in drawers - that's a good way to forget something). Also, I always pull out the sheets so that I can be properly wrapped up when I sleep, and housekeeping always tucks the sheets in as tight as humanly possible every day. And it's eco-friendly to skip the housekeeping!

I just need to find another place for dinner...

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